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"Translation is more than your text in another language"

Translations from English and Spanish into German

I offer translations in areas I am particularly familiar with, including - but not limited to - tourism, marketing and education. These are some text types I will be able to help you with:


Websites, blogs and newsletters

Brochures and magazines

Training material

Non-fiction and fiction books


Translation plus external review

For some projects, a review by an external proofreader is recommended. This can be a good idea when the translation will be published - or even printed - and no review will be done by the client. I offer a package deal "Translation + Review" in cooperation with a qualified colleague in Germany.


A good translator will never provide a literal translation but always keep the target audience and culture in mind during the translation process. The result is a text that sounds completely natural to the German reader. Sometimes, however, you might need even more than this.

Transcreation means the translation of the original plus an adaptation using a client briefing. Advertising is a typical case for transcreation, but other text types also benefit from it. Generally speaking you can say: Whenever the image - of a brand, a company or an individual - is concerned, use transcreation.

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Please contact me for a quote. In order to process your request quickly and efficiently, please include the text and, if applicable, a timeframe. Note that I cannot send you a quote without seeing the text. As a member of a professional translators' organisation you can rest assured that I treat all information and documents with due care.