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Translations from English and Spanish into German

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Translations from English and Spanish into German

I offer professional translations from English and Spanish into German in my areas of expertise, including tourism, marketing and education. My translations are texts in their own right which carry all the original meaning while sounding as natural in German as they do in English or Spanish.

This is what you can expect:

Linguistic accuracy

I am a German native speaker and only translate into my mother tongue. I hold a university degree in translation studies, am a certified German teacher and have spent many years living in English and Spanish speaking countries.

Cultural awareness

I translate with the German target audience in mind and adapt the text where necessary to ensure that the translation is as effective as the original text. And to avoid misunderstandings.

Expertise and research

A text is only convincing if the content is correct. I only translate in areas I am familiar with and consider it part of my work to check the facts.


For more information on my translation services, please visit "Translation". Under "Publications" I have listed a number of book translations from recent years.



German language courses - online and offline

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