Anja K. Lee Translations

Translations from English and Spanish into German

For Tourism, Education, and Corporate Communications

"Translation is more than your text in another language"


Specialist Translation - Transcreation - Literary Translation

I specialise in English and Spanish to German translations in the fields of tourism, education/training, corporate communications, and marketing. For image-sensitive text types, I also offer transcreation - translation plus adaptation of the German text in line with a client briefing. As an experienced literary translator, I translate fiction and non-fiction books, mainly for publishing houses.

Translations for the Tourism Industry

My translations for the tourism industry include:

- Hotel descriptions
- Tour descriptions
- Travel guides and catalogues
- Content for websites, blogs, and newsletters
- Documents for internal use, such as training courses/material, and presentations
- Countries I am particularly familiar with: South Africa, Peru, Paraguay, Spain, Australia, New Zealand

Why choose me for your tourism translations from English and Spanish into German? I have the necessary know-how and work experience:

- One semester Hotel Management with internships in family-owned and five-star hotels in Germany
- Ran a guesthouse in South Africa for several years
- Own travels in English and Spanish speaking countries on three continents

Translations for the Education Sector

As a certified German teacher with many years of teaching experience (online and offline), I have the necessary expertise for your translations in education and training. These are some of the topics and areas I am particularly interested in:

- Multilingualism
- Equality in education
- Early childhood education
- Education and development
- Educational psychology
- Development assistance
- Educational research
- Training courses/material

Translations in Marketing and Corporate Communications

- Journalistic texts, such as press releases, articles, and interviews
- Marketing material, such as website, newsletter and blog content, as well as corporate e-books and whitepapers
- Brochures and magazines
- Presentations
- Training courses/material


A good translator will never provide a literal translation but always keep the target audience and culture in mind during the translation process. The result is a text that sounds completely natural to the German reader. Sometimes, however, you might need even more than this.

Transcreation means the translation of the original text plus an adaptation of the German translation in line with a client briefing. Advertising is a typical case for transcreation, but other text types also benefit from it. As a rule of thumb, whenever the image - of a brand, a company or an individual - is concerned, use transcreation.

Translation plus external review

For some projects, a review by an external proofreader is recommended. This can be a good idea when the translation will be published - or even printed - and there is no review process on the client side. I offer a package deal "Translation + Review" in cooperation with a qualified colleague in Germany:


Post-editing is the adaptation of machine translation output by a professional translator. Machine translation + post-editing can make sense when the translation is intended for information purposes only and not required to be of particularly high quality. The post-editor compares each sentence of the the machine translation output with the original text to ensure that content and language are correct. Whether or not machine translation + post-editing saves time and money, depends on the text type and the intended use of the translation. Please note that data protection can be an issue when using translation engines, particularly free versions. This is why I use a subscription model that does not save your data - and even that only with your consent.

Get a quote

Are you unsure which service you need? Just contact me, I am happy to help. In order to process your request quickly and efficiently, please include the text and, if applicable, a timeframe. Please note that seeing the text is vital for me to get an idea of the work involved, and I cannot otherwise send a quote. As a member of a professional translators' organisation, you can rest assured that I treat all information and documents with due care. I am also happy to send a confidentiality agreement first.


Confidentiality is key, so I can usually not name clients or provide samples of translations I did for them. The exception are published works where I hold the copyright, see publications.